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Sending out an email using Workflow and monitor the results

Sending out an email using Workflow and monitor the results

A number of our clients want to be able to automatically (or on-demand) send out an email to a Contact but be able to track the results of it. In this example below, we are leveraging CRM + ClickDimensions to accomplish this result.

Here are the steps to set it up in CRM:

  • Start by creating a new Workflow
    • Name
    • Entity: On the Contact
    • "As an on-demand process" (this will allow you to easily test it)
    • Create - Send ClickDimensions Email

  • Set Properties
    • Subject (This goes on the external Subject to the Contact)
    • Email Template – Select the CD Email Template
    • Record Owner Yes/No
    • From
    • Recipient
    • Contact
  • Activate the Workflow


  • Run the Workflow
    • Highlight a Contact (or multiple Contacts)
    • Run the Workflow against these Contacts

  • See the Email that went out

  • Monitor the Results
    • Deliveries
    • Clicks
    • Opens
    • Bounces
    • Unsubscribes

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