Push Against The Current to Achieve Operational Efficiency

Push Against The Current to Achieve Operational Efficiency

“It is much easier to see and use the skillsets of your current employees rather than just to recruit new employees with those skills.”

For Professional Services organisations, finding and retaining the best staff is a key challenge. Retaining staff is however, much easier when they are satisfied and empowered.

Companies typically waste a lot of time because there is a perception that they haven’t got a resource to do X or Y task. This can lead to confusion around available skillsets and the headcount needs of the business. CRM gives the ability to see what skillsets you have, what they are working on and whether they can be reallocated to another task that is more pressing.

Read our white paper and learn how to:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Help target clients
  • Reduce downtime
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce unnecessary recruitment
  • Reduce costs

The challenge to many professional service organisations is very simply about booking resource, knowing who’s going to be doing different tasks. If you have lots of different systems that don't integrate with each other and offices that have their own way of doing things this can be an incredibly difficult and costly task. This was the challenge for our customer BDO Drive, now with Microsoft CRM and Project Service Automation BDO can actually look up the resources available, look up based up on the skillset and be able to quickly see who the right people are who might be able to deliver on the project, CRM and PSA help them to join together thier team. 

Watch Mark Sykes, Partner BDO Drive share their success story. 


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