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Manufacturing Trends – Overcoming the Squeeze

Manufacturing Trends – Overcoming the Squeeze

Being squeezed down the middle?

Established manufacturers are feeling the squeeze. There are many economic changes in motion that just pile on to the pressure on margins from developing nations that are armed with a lower cost-base and bigger resource pool.

To counteract the squeeze effect, manufacturers in established economies can differentiate their offering and optimize revenue by harnessing knowledge from within and beyond their business. This will enhance customer insight, fuel innovation and add value.

Turn challenges into positive business outcomes

The additional challenges of fragmented production and demand, and a shift towards mass customization, can be turned to your business’s advantage by connecting agile customer relationship management (CRM) systems to existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. This will enable your business (regardless of size) to respond swiftly to market changes and tap into more lucrative new or niche customer markets.

Working smarter and having more effective customer relationship management can provide the insight and agility to build and protect competitive advantage. A fully integrated ERP and CRM system can help manufacturers like you to reach beyond your immediate customers, pre-empt and influence decision-making throughout the supply chain, and release pressure (and cost) at both ends of the sales and delivery cycle.

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