Insights for Manufacturers: Why Empowering Employees is Integral to Industry Success

Insights for Manufacturers: Why Empowering Employees is Integral to Industry Success

In our last blog, Insights for Manufacturers: The Movement toward Employee Empowerment, we discussed the concept behind the term "employee empowerment", which is the progression toward giving employees authority to solve problems using shared information to make impactful decisions within their own sphere of influence. Now, let's discuss WHY empowering employees is so important to manufactures.

Here are a few reasons why you should care about empowering employees:

  • being cost effective is no longer enough
  • having a "few" decision makers is not going to keep the pace
  • collaboration is KEY for growing sales and customer loyalty
  • there is a need for agility and flexibility in order to respond to a changing marketplace
  • there is a need for better visibility into customer data in order to drive decision making

Through digital transformation with Microsoft Dynamics 365, there are ways to formalize and systemize key business information.

Let's take a look at some research done by the 2016 State of Digital Transformation from Altimeter. After a significant amount of interviewing individuals from different organizations, their analysis revealed that the digital transformation ROI that people have seen so far has been around:

  1. Increased market share
  2. Increased customer revenue
  3. Increased employee moral

Creating happy employees leads to positive experiences with customers, which in turn creates a snowball effect of other positive business outcomes; making this the most impactful thing that has come from digital transformation. Curious to know why there is such a big push around digital transformation in manufacturing? Check out this report 9 Starting Points for Digital Transformation in Manufacturing.

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