Insights for Manufacturers: The Movement Toward Employee Empowerment

Insights for Manufacturers: The Movement Toward Employee Empowerment

In this series, we will discuss why the empowerment of employees is beneficial to a successful digital transformation in the manufacturing industry.

The term "employee empowerment" is often misunderstood by upper management. Ultimately, it refers to giving employees authority to solve problems using shared information to make impactful decisions within their own sphere of influence- such as, within a team or department. With the progression toward cloud computing, Microsoft has made it their mission to empower every person and organization in the world to achieve more, and they are delivering on this mission through the process of digital transformation.

When we say digital transformation, we are talking about manufacturers improving their sales, service and support efforts using Microsoft Dynamics 365. With digital transformation business leaders have the ability to empower their employees with more access to information; which directly relates to improvements in sales, in operations, and in customer engagement.

In the coming articles we will dive deeper into why employee empowerment is so critical and the steps business leaders need to take in order to achieve it. Curious to know why there is such a big push around digital transformation in manufacturing? Check out this report 9 Starting Points for Digital Transformation in Manufacturing.


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