Insights for Manufacturers: 3 Steps Marketing Leaders Should Take to Empower Employees

Insights for Manufacturers: 3 Steps Marketing Leaders Should Take to Empower Employees

In our previous blog, Insights for Manufacturers: 5 Steps for Service Leaders to Empower Employees we discussed the importance of service leaders giving their employees the ability to quickly address issues through readily available information and effortlessly collaborate among other agents.

So how are marketing leaders empowering employees? This idea goes hand in hand with both customer service representatives and sales leaders. As a marketer, imagine trying to tie the performance of your pains with the end result, which is a sale and then following through to the end result of a sale, which is a happy customer. A marketer should be able to see the entire pipeline and customer journey from the beginning of a customer's first interaction with a company, all the way to them being a satisfied customer and how that whole interaction played out. When that ability is possible, then a marketer can accurately craft campaigns and messaging that replicate the ideal customer journey. Once this happens, employees can tie exactly what they are doing as a marketing team to what happens from the sales perspective and the customer service perspective. 

Here are 3 steps marketing leaders should take in order to allow empowerment among their employees.

  1. Enable marketers to engage at the right time on the right channel
  2. Enable marketers to nurture until prospects are ready for sales
  3. Tie financial progress to marketing activities

In the end, what all this does is unite an organization. These actions enable employees to build strong, long-term customer value types of relationships from the time they're known to an organization, through the nurture process, the time they become a customer, all the way to the end- which hopefully doesn't end, because they are happy customers who continue to buy.This is all done at the campaign level, at the account level, at the level that allows employees to interact with customers in a way that is personal, meaningful and loyalty building. Take a look at this ebook that will walk you through what you need to know to meet the needs of Industry 4.0 and gain the tools necessary to empower employees. Be sure to get your copy by clicking the link below.  


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