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How to Overcome a Failed CRM Initiative

How to Overcome a Failed CRM Initiative

The hard truth is that like many complex IT initiatives, CRM projects can fail. You may have even experienced a failed CRM implementation or two.You’ve likely heard my colleague, Patrick Lewis, mention that in helping hundreds of companies successfully implement CRM software, there is one very simple concept that all super successful companies understand:

Lasting CRM success has more to do with how the organization thinks about CRM than the technology you use or the money you spend.

The companies that are the most successful with their CRM implementations view the initiative as someplace the company is going, not just software to install and maintain like Microsoft Word or Excel. These companies think of the software as a strategy or business outcome execution engine. For them “Go Live” is the start of the journey, not the end. They have a game plan for a successful implementation.

That is great, but what if you are in the middle of a painful, failed CRM implementation now?

The good news is that, while every organization should follow a game plan from the outset of their CRM journey, it’s never too late. You can institute a game plan onto your existing failed CRM implementation at any point. Start by putting the right approach in place right now—no matter how bleak things may seem—and you can drive the success that you want for your CRM implementation.
Need help putting your game plan together? Check out this guide that offers a step-by-step game plan to a successful CRM journey.


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