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How to Install Dynamics 365 CRM Hub and Obtain Mobile Access

How to Install Dynamics 365 CRM Hub and Obtain Mobile Access

Have you recently upgraded to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement Version 9.0 and as an admin find your users without the CRM Hub installed? Are they also unable access the mobile application? Here are a few simple steps that will explain how to install the CRM Hub and how to obtain CRM Hub access via mobile.

Steps to install CRM Hub:

  • Step 1. Go to portal, Admin Center
  • Step 2. Select the instance (i.e. Sandbox or Prod)
  • Step 3. Click the solutions icon
  • Step 4. Click on CRM Hub then install

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Steps to provide users with CRM Hub/mobile access:

  • Step 1. Go to Settings, My Apps
  • Step 2. Click the … for CRM Hub
  • Step 3. Click Manage Roles
  • Step 4. Add the Security Roles you wish to grant access to

In the example below, we have granted access to the CRM Hub for all users that have the Salesperson security role. CRM has made it easy to maintain security access to App’s like CRM Hub.

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