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How to Activate InsideView in Dynamics 365

How to Activate InsideView in Dynamics 365

Microsoft has an OEM relationship with a company called InsideView for a version of their product that they are calling “Insights”. This feature shows up on Lead, Contact and Account record forms in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

With very little information, for example only a company name, InsideView will scour the worldwide web. In no time at all InsideView comes back with a wealth of information about the company in question. With one click, you can then populate a bunch of previously blank fields on that Lead record with good data. Data that would take quite a bit of web searching and copy-pasting on your own. In addition, it can then go back out and find people connected to those companies, and just as simply, with one-click add their personal information to the Lead record.

Here’s how to activate InsideView in Dynamics 365

Log into Dynamics 365

  1. Click the Dynamics 365 button, then “get more apps”

2. Search for InsideView and click “get it now”

3. Click Continue to accept the terms

4. Check both boxes to agree to the terms and click “agree”

5. Wait for the Insights solution to install. Note, you can click the refresh button to check the progress. This may take a few minutes.


6. Once the solution is installed, navigate back to Dynamics 365 for CRM and refresh your environment.

7. You will now have a tile for Insights and click Org Settings.
Note, if you are using IE, make sure you add https://*insideview.com to your trusted sites.


8. Click Continue.

9. The login screen will appear, click on your login name

10. Then select Accept

11. InsideView has now been installed.

12. You can navigate to the Account form to see the new InsideView grid.

13. In rare cases the Insideview grid does not autopopulate on the Account form. If that occurs, below are the steps to manually add it.

14. Insert a new tab or section on the Account form

15. Add a Web Resource.
a. First search to see if the new WebResource already exist. Search for *mashup. The full name is iv_/webpages/summary_mashup.htm
b. If you cannot locate this WebResource, click new and use the below image as your setup guide.

Once you create the new WebResource, use the below image to complete the WebResources Properties on the General Tab.

Next, update the Formatting tab

After you save and publish your Account form, your InsideView grid should now be visible

As easy as that when you know how.... If you're looking for additional training or support contact us.

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