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How one man’s vision for how we buy coffee also makes sense for… CRM? Here’s how.

How one man’s vision for how we buy coffee also makes sense for… CRM? Here’s how.

I was flipping through a friend's April copy of Men's Health yesterday and read this interesting article on the CEO of Starbucks. It talks about his unwavering vision for the company— to offer his customers an experiential sale versus transactional. Schultz recognized people wanted to feel a sense of Community and ongoing rapport in this daily ritual. American's love coffee, don't we? Lifeblood, joe, java, juice, black stuff. I wonder: Is this because of the warm fuzzy feeling you get when ordering from the peppy guy or gal in green? Using CRM each day is just as ritualistic.

We know one of the first things most people do when they plop down in the office each day is to open Outlook. And if CRM lives in your Outlook? You see my point. While this may not although be as exotic an idea as sipping an indulgent beverage when starting each day, I would argue this routine is just as meaningful. See what you've got scheduled for the day. See what your team is up to. Get a report on your pipeline. For a CRM enthusiast (ok, and data nerd) like me, that's exciting. Almost as exciting as… hold on, I need a refill.

I really loved this article not only because it gave me insight into how business owners and DMs sometimes think, but also because I felt how this parallels the vision we talk about for ZT. Misguided leadership centers on their own personal itineraries and need for power instead of serving the best interest of the company and remaining true to core principles, while that special, rare visionary blasts into uncharted territory in the name of pure innovation and value-added something. We offer an experiential buying opportunity, too, and are building an ongoing Community with rapport, just like Starbucks.

Our value-add? The conversation can continue past "Here's your double-tall, non-fat cinnamon dolce latte with light whipp." It isn't just "I like black coffee, set me up." The Community we're building creates the banter between users, allowing for admin empowerment and a sense of familiarity and support, much like how Schultz has created an iconic area where business people, teenagers, working moms, and single men can be found mingling all day long.

Check out the article; I think you'll enjoy. This also puts great leadership into perspective for anyone hungry for opportunity and growth, looking to emulate visionary execs.

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