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How Customer Communications is Critical to Account Management

How Customer Communications is Critical to Account Management

090214_0844_CustomerSer1.png Learn how leading organizations use Dynamics CRM for Account Management in our Tips2Win Webinar on November 18th.

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To generate more revenue you can acquire new customers, sell more to existing customers, or both. Since it costs 6 to 7 times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing customer1, sales organizations should pay close attention to their account management strategy.  One of the key elements to ensure account management success is to provide clear, consistent and meaningful communication for your existing customers.

Ways to Use Dynamics CRM to Improve Communication with Existing Customers and Increase Revenues

Where are your Customers?  – Do your customers prefer email? Are they active on LinkedIn? Do they read your blog? With Dynamics CRM you can easily create custom fields to identify the preferred communication channels of each contact record.

What are your Customers Saying? – Do your customers talk about your company, your brand, or a specific product? Do they provide ratings and reviews?  With Dynamics CRM and InsideView you can create watch lists and monitor social activity allowing account managers to proactively engage in the conversation and encourage more interaction.

Do you Provide Premium, Customer-Only Content? With customer-only access to special content your existing customers will feel like royalty, become more loyal, and stick around longer. With Dynamics CRM, a well-planned communication strategy and customer service mentality you can deliver tailored information such as “how to” guides, free upgrades, add-on solutions, customer-only events and online resources.

By knowing where your customers are, what they are saying and by continuing to provide them with exclusive access to additional resources you’ll be able to increase revenue with a more effective account management strategy.  Learn more about how you can leverage Dynamics CRM and other solutions to accomplish this for your organization in tomorrow’s webinar.

“Better Account Management: How to Plan, Profile and Profit using Dynamics CRM”
Date/Time: November 18 at 4 pm GDT / 11 am EDT / 8 am PDT
Duration: 45 minutes
Speaker: David Kohar, Chief Customer Officer


1 - Bain & Company

CRM strategy, Customer Relationship Management