How CRM Helps The CFO

How CRM Helps The CFO

CFO’s are closest to the critical financial data and health of their organisation and should be well placed to act as a business advisor by leveraging this information to guide plans for increasing profits and reducing costs.

As a CFO you should be uniquely placed to offer insight into the inner workings of their company and able to analyze financial reports to look at opportunities for profit and where to cut unnecessary costs. 

Many CFO’s we talk to are under pressure from CEO’s who want a deeper understanding of their companies financial workings and shareholders who want to understand the stock value and strategic plans. They are bogged down with the amount of time needed to deal with day to day accounting tasks and collecting and analysing data from multiple siloed applications. The technology platform a company uses can have a dramatic effect either positively or negatively. Can you imagine the benefit from having one centralised and intelligent application, such as a cloud based CRM solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365?

CRM can give you the ability to centralise and consolidate existing disparate data sources across all locations and geographies, as well as removing manual and time-inefficient processes and tasks. CRM will give you real time information which can be shared in dashboards or surfaced with other company data in Power BI, enabling you and the other executives on your team to make decisions based on real time information.  

CRM offers CFO's the ability to remove multiple and complex line items from their accounts and provide an efficient and often significant cost saving in their place. Cloud-based CRM allows for a consistent and known cost centre that enables financial leaders to plan and budget better than ever before.

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