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Has Your CRM Solution Failed The User Adoption Test?

Has Your CRM Solution Failed The User Adoption Test?


There’s some great CRM solutions out there and in isolation of your other business solutions, they rock, but actually to be successful they need to be integrated.

If your Sales, Marketing and Service departments are going to increase their productivity due to the transparency they now have to customer status, pipeline and revenue, they need a CRM solution they can work with, intuitively and from day one. High adoption equals success.

CRM should:

Integrate with your corporate email system and Office applications
Integrate with your document management system and in-house collaboration tools
Deliver a familiar working interface that is responsive in design to mobile devices


The moment CRM becomes another solution layer, another log-in screen and another application to learn, is the moment user adoption falls away.

"We have saved a lot of money which can be put back into improving customer service and delivering more value." Paul Williams, Head of Group IM, Element Six. Watch the Element Six video here.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM from Zero2Ten delivers a great end-user experience because it works through an interface, on an operating system, that everyone knows so well.

To learn more about switching to Dynamics CRM and Zero2Ten visit our information page here and/or register for our webinar 'Accelerate your business - Getting started with CRM'

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