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Does Your Company Suffer from Disconnected Data Disease?

Does Your Company Suffer from Disconnected Data Disease?

Disconnected data is a degenerative disease crippling and costing companies both time and money. Data that is held in silos across an organization handicaps a company but it is nothing like the internal bleeding from loss of opportunity.

 Costly symptoms include:

  • Poor, fragmented decisions
  • Finger pointing
  • Company meetings where everyone has a different total for the same equation
  • No way to tell where total number came from because there is no drill-down capability
  • Order delivery delays
  • Quote mistakes
  • Excess inventory returns

According to IDC, manufacturers that use their data to make money can potentially increase revenue nearly $400B more than diseased companies do.1  Consolidating multiple systems into a single, connected application pulls together a business, saves employees time and enables them to make smarter decisions, leading to quicker time to value.

 Connected intelligent business apps cure disconnected data disease so manufacturers can:

  • Be 1st to market new insightful products based on market demand
  • Create service revenue around those products
  • Make higher quality products faster
  • Gain happier customers, employees and vendors


Contact us to schedule your complimentary data check-up.  We have helped other manufacturers achieve excellence, and we can do the same for you.


1 Source:  IDC, Enterprise Applications, iERP, and the Manufacturing Industry, Kimberly Knickle, #US41838416

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