Data Security

Data Security

Cloud Insecurity Prevents Digital Transformation Treat Manufacturer's Growing Pain Points.

Amongst the 5.5 million UK businesses, of which manufacturers account for 5 per cent*, security is rightly perceived as probably the biggest digital risk for manufacturers competing in today's uncertain economy (*House of Commons Briefing Paper, Nov 2016). However, executive decision makers are increasingly aware that their future survival is dependent upon performing an urgent digital transformation to treat manufacturer's growing pain points.

To date, fewer than one in ten companies have achieved "extensive" implementation of both external and internal operations. Research by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) September, 2016 reveals that more than one in four company executives also cite their concerns about security and privacy as a major obstacle to progress (Published in 'The Internet of Things Business Index, 2017'). A recent Altodigital survey of 100 IT decision makers from corporate UK companies with 500+ employees found, once again, nearly a third (32 per cent) highlighted "security and compliance as a top concern."

At a time when manufacturers, like so many other industries, need to urgently adapt to the new cloud-based environments of 360 customer access, interaction and multi-channel, engaged experience, there are clearly stumbling blocks. Senior management may not even be aware of the underlying cause of poor company performance. Often a company audit uncovers out of date, bolt-on and silo'd information systems severely restricting communication and workflow practices. The latest Edgewater Fullscope whitepaper discusses the security issues still preventing manufacturers from embracing the cloud and achieving digital transformation. Free download here.

Tendency for own technology solutions and "get-arounds" in a bid to keep pace with change

How much of a company's information sits on a server in a small backroom on the premises or is available in the cloud often goes to the heart of many of the issues preventing manufacturers overcoming their natural security fears. As companies grow, the tendency has often been to devise their own technology solutions and "get-arounds" in a bid to keep pace with change. Many still rely on a small set of proprietary, incompatible technology systems and software bolted into place years earlier.

The pain points are inflamed because companies can no longer "mend and make-do" as their way of keeping up with customer expectation of seamless digitised access and interaction. Acceleration of an AI-driven 'Industry 4.0' revolution is now disrupting all departments at every level in the workplace, whether the staff wear hi vis or white shirt.

Data and information at the point of requirement needs to be instantly accessed, transparent and available to all parties involved in customer engagements at each stage. Yet data storage in different locations under different operating and management systems continues to be a real barrier to performance efficiency for company staff and their customers. The problem has always been there yet appears to be continually ignored or neglected by some companies.

One year is a long time in a digitised world of constant upgrade

As far back as five years ago, a survey found that nearly half (44 per cent) of manufacturers admitted their biggest challenge was the increased volume and complexity of customer transaction and IoT data. (Field Service Efficiency, The Service Council, August 2013). One year is a long time in a digitised world of constant upgrade, so how much more perilous is the position of some companies today? A more recent survey by Intel Security found that only 13 per cent of manufacturers had placed their systems in a fully public cloud. Yet a cloud platform makes it easier for manufacturers to integrate their systems, and share and analyse the data traditionally kept in silos.

Manufacturers struggling to manage out-of-date systems, processes and often duplicated data, inevitably provide a confusing, and ultimately, wholly negative customer experience. The new Edgewater Fullscope whitepaper examines the issues of cloud insecurity preventing the adoption of full scale CRM technology and offers key techniques to help decision makers consider their Industry 4.0 survival options. Free download here. 

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