Customer Spotlight: Downtown Decorations

Customer Spotlight: Downtown Decorations

Industry: Retail

Company Overview: Downtown Decorations Inc. is the national leader in providing the custom/seasonal light pole banners you see when entering into a town, city, college, retail center, or event venue. During the holiday season they are one of the largest distributors of commercial / municipal holiday and seasonal decorations to many major shopping centers, municipalities, and corporate offices across the US.

Use of CRM: Downtown Decorations Inc. migrated from Quickbase & ACT! to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and are managing this in two primary phases.

Phase 1: Tracking Sales and Marketing Activities - The focus for phase 1 has been to maintain a continual track of prospects, customers, the pipeline and all marketing activities that the organization manages in order to optimize business efficiency and pipeline management.

Results: Initials benefits have come from:

  1. % increase in conversions of new incoming leads - 67%.
  2. % increase of Promoters for their NPS score survey - 47%
  3. % decrease in the time to create marketing campaigns/lists – 57%
  4. % increase in Net Promoter Score - 64%

Voice of the Customer: "The staff at Zero2Ten has been exceptional, knowledgeable, and always maintains a professional demeanor. Consulting with their team has enabled us to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM over the course of just one month. After attending the Learning Labs we had enough knowledge to start the project, and to get our initial objectives in CRM implemented and completed. Their support has been instrumental in our decision to undertake the project and in reference to our current success in maintaining and operating the Dynamics platform. Knowing we have a weekly lifeline to connect with the Zero2Ten team has been instrumental to our decision." - Thomas Martin, Director of Project Management, Downtown Decorations, Inc.

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