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CRM 2011 Top 10 User Productivity Tips

CRM 2011 Top 10 User Productivity Tips

We just released a new CRM 2011 Series video that highlights 10 productivity tips for CRM 2011 End Users: http://youtu.be/bV9NscuKxIA

The video covers how to:

  1. Set Your Personal Options (including turning off The "Get Started" pane)
  2. Use Your Charts (to visualize your data)
  3. Use Your Filters (for drill downs on your lists)
  4. * Search (improve search)
  5. Bulk Edit (edit multiple records at once)
  6. "Type and Tab" (associate a record without having to pop up another window)
  7. Recently Visited "Records and Views" (shortcuts to what you recently were on)
  8. Use Your "Up and Down" Arrows (how to navigate quicker to the next record)
  9. Email Templates from CRM in Outlook (Send emails from Outlook using CRM Email Templates)
  10. "Email a Link" (Someone wants the phone number for "John Smith" send them a link to the record in CRM)

Do you have other productivity tips that you would add? Send us your feedback!



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