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CRM 2011 Outlook Data Groups

CRM 2011 Outlook Data Groups

The CRM 2011 Outlook Client (OC) keeps your tasks, contacts and appointments synced up between Microsoft CRM and Outlook. OC lets you configure Data groups by assigning rules as to what data should be kept in sync. Data groups improperly configured can lead to missing or irrelevant data in your outlook and mobile devices.

Understanding Data Groups

The following Synchronization settings are enabled as soon as you install the OC

  • My Outlook Contacts (Outlook Contact): All Contacts that are active and owned by you
  • My Service Activity (Outlook Appointment): All Appointments that have a start date and an end date where you're a resource on the appointment
  • My Phone Calls (Outlook Task): All phone calls where you're sender or recipient
  • My Faxes (Outlook Task): All Faxes where you're sender or recipient
  • My Tasks (Outlook Task): All Tasks where your owner
  • My Appointments (Outlook Appointment): All appointments where your part of the appointment, not just the owner
  • My Reoccurring Appointments (Outlook Appointment): All reoccurring Appointments where your part of the appointment, not just the owner.

To edit these rules or add your own open Outlook and Navigate to: File >CRM >Synchronize > Outlook Filters

Here you can create, delete, edit, enable and disable filters. Double clicking on a filter opens it and allows you to edit it using a familiar Advanced Find type UI.

Customizing Data Groups

Filters can be added to each of the core records types shown above to give you complete control over what to sync.

The Road Trip Scenario

You are about to go to Seattle, WA for a meeting. You're unable to preschedule additional meetings since you don't know how much free time you will have, additionally you're unsure if you will have access to CRM so you would like your mobile phone preloaded with all of your Seattle contacts.

First you'll create a new Data Group , by opening the Outlook Filters dialog >New > Set the Look for to Contact > Set the query to Address1 = Seattle - Save As Seattle Contacts

For ease of use, you don't want any of your non-Seattle contacts on your mobile device during this trip, so you want to disable My Outlook Contacts. This will cause Outlook to remove all the contacts that were brought in as part of that Data Group, leaving behind only our Seattle contacts.

Click on the Sync button (CRM > Synchronize with CRM). Once complete, you will see that your contacts now include all the Seattle contacts, and that your My Outlook Contacts are no longer there.

Once the trip is complete, you can either delete the Seattle Contacts Group, or just deactivate it and re-enable My Outlook Contacts. After your next Sync (CRM > Synchronize with CRM) your contacts list will return to normal.

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