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Can I quit using my laptop?

Can I quit using my laptop?

I have had a 16GB wifi iPad for about year and I have only used it casually for news and entertainment. I've been an iPhone user for about a year. I have found very useful tools on these devices and now I want to see how far I can go in replacing my laptop with this iPad. Here's my recipe of apps:

  1. CWR Mobility for MSCRM 2011 http://www.cwrmobility.com/mobile-crm/ipad
  2. iPad Calendar and eMail sync'ing with Exchange
  3. iMExchange2 for Task Management/Synchronization http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/imexchange-2/id390716055?mt=8
  4. Numbers will be my spreadsheet http://www.apple.com/apps/numbers/
  5. Pages will be my word processor http://www.apple.com/apps/pages/
  6. SharePlusLite is my connection to Sharepoint http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shareplus-lite-sharepoint/id364891946?mt=8
  7. Dropbox for my personal files http://www.dropbox.com/ipad

I've been using the iMExchange since I started using my iPhone and it's very good for sync'ing your Outlook tasks with the iPhone. Also I've had CWR on my iPhone, so that's a natural transition. Dropbox is extremely easy to use and great for my personal files. Numbers, Pages and SharePlusLite are new to me, and look very promising.

I know there are solutions available to emulate my laptop on the iPad. But I'm not interested in that. I want to make this work on the iPad alone. I will keep this blog updated with my progress. Stay tuned…

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