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Automatic “Print to Word” functionality by Zero2Ten:

Automatic “Print to Word” functionality by Zero2Ten:

Here at Zero2Ten CRM we have created a document output engine that works with CRM 2011 (and v4) in the cloud by pulling information from any CRM record and placing this data on strategic locations within a Word document. This is usually used for Quotes, Proposals, etc. My last implementation of this functionality was completed on a company that focused on the rental of Construction Equipment and wanted a simple form to quote available equipment from their inventory to a customer while a company representative was on site. The key word for this implementation was "SIMPLE" so I decided to create a new entity called "Rate Quote" and link it to a new entity I created called "Equipment" which contained a simple list of various available equipment within the company. This is how the form looks:

As you can see, it is a very simple form allowing company representatives to access CRM from a job site and quickly fill the information regarding quantity, Equipment (from a lookup) and Daily, Weekly and Monthly rates when applicable. Also, notice the "Print Quote" button present on the Ribbon.

When the Rate quote is successfully completed and saved; the user would press the "Print Quote" button located at the ribbon and this will be the outcome on screen in MS Word:

As you can see, the information within the form is mapped to the correct locations within the word document, which can then be printed or sent via email as a PDF directly from Word, as shown here:

This functionality can be deployed on a wide variety of forms; from CRM standard forms (I.E. Opportunity or Quote) that can use the default CRM Product Catalog and Line Items, to new entities linked to a lookup (as shown above) and even just simple text boxes where users can type what they need to be added to the word document.

Here is another example involving a customer that delivers food products to factories, big events and other large businesses:


I have performed dozens of these deployments and I have seen the value this brings to companies who are looking to quickly produce a document in word format to be printed or sent via email. The template for the output of this document will be your preferred customized template and not a default CRM template. This means that the functionality will be configured to match your template and it will produce an output that shows your company's logo and any other information that want on the output document. And most importantly, it only requires one click for the user to output the Quote document. This is really key because without the Zero2Ten document engine, outputting quotes and other CRM data into a formatted document requires the use of the CRM Mail Merge tool, which is confusing for average users and requires up to 12 clicks to see a simple Quote form. Zero2Ten's document engine allows one-click output of CRM data into MS Word, and allows easy editing of the document template for logos, layouts, fonts, etc.

Some key features of the Zero2Ten document engine:

  • One click to produce a document
  • Configurable template(s) – add your logo, content, and style by editing documents in Word
  • Nothing to install on the user's computers
  • Customizable for any CRM entity
  • Can display data from multiple CRM entities on one document
  • Can use different templates based on needed logic (country, language, terms, etc.)


If you would like more information regarding this functionality, please contact us at: info@zero2tencrm.com

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