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Discrete Manufacturers: Your Competition Is Probably Using Better Technology Than You

May 23, 2018 6:00 AM

Technology is advancing every day and so are many companies who are embracing this transformation. Discrete manufacturers whose products are largely driven by the construction market face similar business and production challenges, but how they manage them can differ vastly. Digital transformation with cloud software like Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help manufacturers keep up with ever-growing industry complexities and competition, as well as tackle the demanding tasks that come along with it. 

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Can Your Building Materials Manufacturing Company Handle the Demands After a Major Hurricane?

Dec 20, 2017 1:56 PM

Hurricanes are the most destructive—and one of the most regular—natural disasters, causing an estimated $28 billion in damage per year. However, this year has seen over $300 billion in damage from three major hurricanes: Harvey, Irma and Maria.  The demand for building products is set to grow drastically over the next several years, as residents and businesses in these regions start to rebuild their communities.

If you look at a similar case of Hurricane Katrina, which caused roughly $200 billion of damage, most of the rebuilding construction happened two to three years after the hurricane, but even 12 years later, there are still rebuilding projects in the works.  After Hurricane Harvey this year, some industries have already seen over a 1,000% increase in activity. The rush to rebuild so much at the same time sends shock waves through the entire supply chain of building materials manufacturers scrambling to meet the demand, not to mention managing rises in raw materials pricesThe impact is profound and long lasting for the Industry and much is at stake.  Companies need to have the right systems in place to effectively manage their way through the challenges. 

With the right ERP system, building products manufacturers can be ready to meet the market demands following large natural disasters. You need a flexible system that provides reliable planning and scheduling, tools to manage costs and pricing, and with strong analysis tools to understand performance at any moment.  It’s all about proactive management and making quick decisions.  With Microsoft Dynamics 365 these features are readily available and easy to configure to meet your needs, and those of your customers.  Check out our fact sheet for building products manufacturers, and contact us to learn more about how Fullscope can help implement an ERP system that works for you.

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