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3 Data Prep Tips and Things to Consider Before Importing Data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

3 Data Prep Tips and Things to Consider Before Importing Data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

There’s nothing worse than having unorganized records within your organization. Keeping data clean and up to date can become a daunting task but with these tips on data prepping and importing, this critical process within Dynamics 365 for Sales can be simplified. 

A Couple Common Types of Data Imports 

  • Contacts —  people you do business with 
  • Accounts — companies they work for  

Prep Tips: 

  1. Separate names into first name, last name. This task can easily be accomplished in Excel.  
  2. Foreign characters don’t import correctly, so make sure you start by removing those as well. Try using Notebook++ to accomplish this. 
  3. Keep your data clean. One key way to clean up data is to remove redundant information. You can do this by performing a duplicate detection. In excel, select which columns you want to check for duplicates—name, phone number, etc.  Select Data tab > Remove Duplicates   

Things to consider Before Importing Data: 

Data Import Order and Data Import Size. Think about the order you’d like to import  so if you are using a zip code table, which will automatically fill in the city/state/county/country, load zip codes first, then address so that your zip codes don’t fail. If an account has lookup fields that reference other data, load that data first before accounts so that it populates correctly. 

When dealing with large lists of data from a tradeshow or marketing campaign for example, try beginning with small set of data— it won't take as long and if you make a mistake it's not as big of an issue.  

To gather more tips on data prepping and importing, download your copy of this technical eBook, How to Prep and Import Data for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.

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