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150th Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Customer Goes Live with Learning Labs Program

150th Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Customer Goes Live with Learning Labs Program

Alpharetta, GA - July 11th, 2011 — Zero2Ten, Inc. announced today that it has reached the 150th customer to attend and then go live with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online after leveraging the innovative Learning Labs Program.

Kason Industries, the leading manufacturer and supplier of parts and products to the food service industry and a provider of hardware for delivery van bodies and industrial enclosures, has gone live with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Crucial to their transition from "trying" the service to "going live" has been by attending the Zero2Ten Learning Labs Program.

"Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is allowing us to more effectively manage our sales and client data, and add to our stellar customer service that has been at our core for over 86 years", said David Katz-Doft, National Sales Manager for the company's Food Service Division. "By attending the complimentary Learning Labs program from Zero2Ten, we were able to quickly launch Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online around our particular business needs. We are also pleased to be participating in Zero2Ten's Cloud Subscription Service to increase our knowledge of CRM and maximize our implementation."

"Our goal is to maximize the return that our customers have using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online" said David Kohar, Chief Customer Officer, Zero2Ten, Inc. "We launched the Learning Labs program as a complimentary service to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 30 day trial participants so that they would have a place to get smart on the solution fast. Once organizations get activated they still need an option to continue to learn how to effectively use the solution and that is why we launched our Cloud Subscription Service as another way we help organizations successfully adopt and increase their return on investment."

"Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online has had another breakthrough with the launch of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, in providing increased productivity gains along and with rapid time to value for our customers with the launch of CRM 2011," said Jamie Tozzi, General Manager, Microsoft Dynamics CRM US. "With the successful launch of Kason Industries on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, using in conjunction with these innovative programs from Zero2Ten, it validates our that our solution can be the fastest to implement and most cost effective CRM Cloud Solution on the market".

About Kason Industries

Kason Industries is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of parts and products to the food service industry. Kason has been at the forefront of innovation for many of the products used daily throughout facilities around the world. Kason's four generations of expertise in developing products and programs means that customers are assured of top notch parts, produced efficiently and delivered on time. Five North American branches and distributors around the globe provide Kason hardware, products and accessories worldwide. Specifying Kason for your needs ensures that you are getting the Kason quality and value you have trusted and relied on for years.

For a full line, please visit www.kasonind.com.

Zero2Ten, Inc. Zero2Ten, Inc. http://www.crm.fullscope.com is the leading Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner focused on CRM cloud computing. It has worked exclusively with Microsoft Dynamics CRM since the inception of the company and continues to find innovative ways to support organizations to rapidly implement and get results with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

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