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Walter Rauch

Walter Rauch
Walter is a certified, senior Dynamics 365 professional with a deep understanding of all facets of implementing Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. He is passionate about helping his clients with his in-depth knowledge by utilizing technology to drive the benefits of optimized business processes to the bottom line, making their businesses more competitive, profitable and productive.
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Recent Posts

6 Steps to Prepare Your Organization for an ERP Implementation

By Walter Rauch | April 2, 2019
1. Identify the problems, set the goal, scope and objectives Today’s enterprise resource planning systems can provide numerous solutions to the many issues your organization is facing. However, as men[...]

The Discovery Phase: Getting Your Ducks in a Row for an ERP Implementation

By Walter Rauch | March 25, 2019
Enterprise discovery for getting your ducks in a row The ERP discovery phase is essential and should be one of your first activities to assess your business needs and the key motivations to start such[...]

How to Really Prepare for Your ERP Implementation

By Walter Rauch | March 20, 2019
When it comes to implementing a new ERP system into an organization, preparation is key. It’s important to take all necessary steps in order to ensure successful deployment of your new software. In th[...]