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Ted Root

Ted Root
Ted has over 10 years of experience helping mid-market to large organizations become more effective and efficient through digital transformation.
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Recent Posts

2 Reasons Why Pharmaceutical Companies Need to Invest in ERP

By Ted Root | June 27, 2018
For many large pharmaceutical companies the struggle lies in end-to-end visibility throughout an organization. When visibility throughout an organization is siloed, out-of-date or unclear to those sea[...]

Data Integrity— A stepping stone to GMP Compliance for Pharma Manufacturers

By Ted Root | March 9, 2018
What exactly is data integrity? To a pharmaceutical manufacturer, it’s everything. Reporting requirements mandated by the FDA play a major role in what’s expected of a company and conscientious compan[...]

Put Down the Pencil — A Modern Solution for Batch Records

By Ted Root | February 26, 2018
Maintaining consumer safety — the utmost important factor that keeps a pharmaceutical business afloat. This factor is the reason pharmaceutical manufacturing companies undergo strict regulations and a[...]

Nonin Easily Handles Three-year FDA Audit Just Three Weeks After Implementing Microsoft Dynamics With FDA Toolkit

By Ted Root | February 22, 2018
Can you imagine facing an FDA audit just three weeks after implementing Microsoft Dynamics? That’s exactly what happened to Life Sciences company Nonin.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing — How You Can Keep Up With Trends

By Ted Root | February 8, 2018
With an ever growing industry that demands upkeep on matters like shelf life, traceability, supply chain, and strict regulatory requirements—manufacturers need digital tools in place to manage these d[...]

One Real-life Application of BI in CPG Manufacturing

By Ted Root | December 7, 2017
When something is just that good, everyone wants to know the "secret sauce". For us, our BI Accelerator - which includes a utility tool for ETL automation - alongside a baseline data warehouse, are ju[...]