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A real-world look at digital transformation.

Steve Reed

Steve Reed
Steve has a broad range of experience helping application software companies successfully develop and bring manufacturing and enterprise solutions to market. He has over 20 years of experience in software, and is dedicated to the success of businesses’ digital transformation journey.
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Recent Posts

2 Tips for Achieving a Seamless CRM or ERP Implementation Approach with Your Technology Partner

By Steve Reed | August 19, 2019
In a recent blog we discussed the phase in which a company realizes that they are in need of a new ERP or CRM software system and in the article prior to this one we revealed 5 ways to find a proper i[...]

3 Ways AI is Changing the Modern ERP System

By Steve Reed | May 30, 2019
You probably don’t think you use AI on a regular basis, but if you have a smart home device, check out recommended products on Amazon or use Google’s local search results, you’re using artificial inte[...]

3 Signs It’s Time for a New ERP System

By Steve Reed | April 25, 2019
Noticing the aging of an ERP system is much like noticing your own personal aging process. You don’t wake up every morning and measure the lines around your eyes or the ache in your joints, but you do[...]

2019 Manufacturing Trends: Identifying Your Most Profitable Business Region

By Steve Reed | April 9, 2019
In our previous blog we discussed the survey results of 100 top executives in the manufacturing industry and their ability to identify customer value within their organization. 78 percent of responden[...]

How Sales Leaders Use Dashboards to Measure Goal Progress with Microsoft Dynamics 365

By Steve Reed | January 29, 2019
Let’s say you are prepping for your weekly sales meeting with sales managers. You’ll need to open your sales dashboards to prepare. Let’s dive into a couple of dashboard scenarios that should make kno[...]

How to Make Your Manufacturing Business Run Seamlessly with Microsoft Solutions

By Steve Reed | May 2, 2018
As a manufacturer, you should ask yourself: What ERP system is really running my business? If you’re like most manufacturers, the actual answer is Excel.  While Excel is an extremely powerful tool for[...]

Does Your Manufacturing Business Have the Right Culture for Digital Transformation?

By Steve Reed | April 30, 2018
Do you find yourself getting caught-up in the word digital transformation without necessarily thinking about what it actually means? You hear it used everywhere and even sprinkle it into your own conv[...]