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Patrick Lewis

Patrick Lewis
As the Director of Business Outcomes and CRM Success, Patrick has more than 25 years in customer relationship management. He’s worked across Manufacturing, Professional Services, Sports, and Financial Services industries. Patrick’s primary areas of focus are organizational change management, and business process.

Recent Posts

Is HPO for You? The Challenging Road to Becoming a High Performing Organization

By Patrick Lewis | January 21, 2019
CRM projects often fail. In fact, it is more common for a CRM implementation to fail than succeed. Did you expect to hear that from a CRM technology partner?

Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Helping You Hit Your Sales Numbers?

By Patrick Lewis | December 11, 2018
Your company has invested a lot into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM initiative. As the Sales VP, you have invested a lot into the initiative, not to mention you've committed to the business that CRM [...]

Why Aventics Selected Microsoft Dynamics

By Patrick Lewis | February 20, 2018
Those of you that follow me know that I do not believe that a company's CRM initiative will succeed or fail based on the software they choose to implement.  In my experience, success is tied more to H[...]

How Aventics Built a Strong CRM Foundation

By Patrick Lewis | January 17, 2018
Have you been following along with the Aventics story? Aventics, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of pneumatic components, systems, and customer-specific applications. In a nutshell, they d[...]

How CRM Changed Business at Aventics

By Patrick Lewis | December 12, 2017
One year into the CRM initiative with Aventics, I had the pleasure of interviewing Larry Bowers, the Global CRM Project Leader. At the time we were just finishing up phase one. As we were getting read[...]

3 Ways CRM Can Benefit Your Business

By Patrick Lewis | December 11, 2017
CRM is an invaluable business tool that enables organizations to build a relationship with their customers. Since customer retention and loyalty both affect a company's revenue, CRM is a management st[...]

Aventics Partners with Fullscope for Successful CRM

By Patrick Lewis | November 21, 2017
I recently spent some time with Larry Bowers, the Global CRM Project Leader, a customer of ours with Aventics. I asked Larry to give a high-level background about their CRM project with us, and here's[...]

Incorporating the Corporate Training Program Leads to CRM Success

By Patrick Lewis | October 8, 2017
In our previous article we discussed, Three ways CORE Leads an Organization in becoming a High Performing Organization (HPO). The HPO model mirrors the actions of other companies who have been the mos[...]

3 Ways CORE Leads in Becoming a High Performing Organization

By Patrick Lewis | September 12, 2017
Let's first start by going through a rundown of everything we've learned so far about the High Performing Organization (HPO) model. The HPO model is an aspirational goal that Fullscope has for our cus[...]

How Cadence Drives Accountability and Successful CRM Initiatives

By Patrick Lewis | August 22, 2017
In recent articles, I’ve talked about who we are trying to help our customers become (organizations with successful CRM initiatives!), and touched on the two models that we use to try and help them ge[...]