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Ori Fishler

Ori Fishler
Ori is a visionary and goal oriented senior business and technology executive who has demonstrated ability in impacting business environments. He holds several years of experience in planning, designing and implementing successful technology solutions that drive business results.
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Recent Posts

Microsoft Flow Architecture: Triggers and Actions

By Ori Fishler | July 23, 2019
Overview In the first part of this blog series on Microsoft Flow, we provided an overview on high level architecture details. Now let’s get into some of the details regarding Triggers and Actions.

How Microsoft Flow Takes Your Office 365 / Dynamics 365 Environment to the Next Level

By Ori Fishler | July 1, 2019
Overview Microsoft Flow is part of the Power Platform and comes with a base level subscription to Office 365. It is a workflow engine and Business Process Automation (BPA) toolset that together with P[...]

Make a Seamless Transition from Sales to Delivery and Improve Customer Satisfaction

By Ori Fishler | March 26, 2019
The unfortunate reality of the disparate relationship between the sale team and delivery team is a real one.  In many organizations the two teams are completely siloed from one another with completely[...]

How Technology Brings Your Remote Team Together, Improving Productivity

By Ori Fishler | January 14, 2019
Being able to get other teams involved in the sale collaboration process speeds up the sales cycle and improves the quality of proposals and quotes. It provides you with a central place to communicate[...]

How Can Collaboration Make My Sales Team More Productive?

By Ori Fishler | December 12, 2018
By utilizing the most current market research to date, we have identified three key areas to shorten your sales cycle and empower your reps to be more productive:

The Seven Keys to a Successful Digital Transformation

By Ori Fishler | March 28, 2018
A transformation does not happen overnight. It is a long and sometimes painful process that never really ends. The rate of innovation and change is increasing and new business and customer needs will [...]