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Kelly McDonald

Kelly McDonald
Kelly is a customer advocate who dedicates herself to her customers’ success. Her CRM expertise is unparalleled. With her diverse background including her tenure as a CPA, she demonstrates strong financial and competitive analysis that helps drive strong business outcomes for her clients.

Recent Posts

Infographic: Top 3 Ways Equipment Dealers Grow Share of Wallet

By Kelly McDonald | September 26, 2018
As an equipment dealer, your goal is to get as many deals as possible, so you can grow your share of wallet. When you can get more business from each customer, (and new customers!) your bottom line be[...]

Equipment Distributors: How-to Protect Your Current Share of Wallet

By Kelly McDonald | September 18, 2018
Optimizing the Lifecycle for Each Piece of Equipment What if you could gain detailed visibility into the equipment that a customer purchased or rented, including all the related technical information,[...]

Two Strategic Ways Equipment Dealers Win New Business Opportunities

By Kelly McDonald | July 24, 2018
You can bet that your competitors are looking to grow their share of wallet at the same time you are. Here are two strategic ways to think about new opportunities for your dealership: brand new projec[...]

GDPR Compliance in Professional Services

By Kelly McDonald | July 19, 2018
If you are a business with even one contact in the EU, you should have an understanding about the recent updates to the general data protection regulations. GDPR implications are a major threat to tho[...]

3 Tips to Improve CRM Adoption Rates

By Kelly McDonald | December 17, 2017
CRM is an invaluable tool. Its ease of use and seamless integration with other business applications and tools have helped businesses of all sizes transform their operations. However, even with the mo[...]

Sales Forecast Accuracy Best Practices

By Kelly McDonald | September 19, 2017
Sales pipeline consists of all opportunities at all stages in the sales cycle, and sales forecast is the salesperson’s prediction of which sales will close within a given time frame. The main differen[...]

More than a CRM Partner, a Business Advocate

By Kelly McDonald | March 23, 2017
  We have a lot of information online about our approach from an implementation, education and adoption standpoint. We’ve developed a very special methodology to ensure that our customers fit into the[...]