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Donna Coxon

Donna Coxon
Donna has an extensive track record as a functional software consultant, working with various CRM solutions since 1999. Having worked as a Technical Consultant, Business Analyst, Training Consultant, Project Manager and Professional Services Manager, Donna has a vast experience of software implementations across a wide range of industry sectors. Donna is a Solution Architect who enjoys showcasing how Dynamics 365 can help organizations grow.

Recent Posts

How Dynamics 365 Online Makes Life Simpler For Your IT Department

By Donna Coxon | December 21, 2018
As a manager of an IT department or a CIO, you are probably well aware of all the very great benefits to your IT department that comes with moving from an on-premises CRM solution to a cloud-based one[...]

Overview of Unit 4 PSA Suite Microsoft Dynamics 365

By Donna Coxon | September 24, 2018
Project management – planning, organizing and managing the effort to accomplish a successful project within a business. In order to ensure a smooth and organized process, project management tools are [...]

Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement Overview & Demo

By Donna Coxon | March 26, 2018
Historically, most companies are familiar with a siloed set of systems – ERP versus CRM. However, what began as two very different systems has now developed into a platform comprised of role-based sol[...]

First Look at the Microsoft Dynamics 365 New Release – Deprecation

By Donna Coxon | December 10, 2017
Now that the new Dynamics 365 (the July release) is available, I want to cover the features that have been or will be removed. It is always imperative to know the things that are being deprecated so t[...]

CRM Upskilling: Frontline Action Needed To Retain Professional Services Staff

By Donna Coxon | December 6, 2017
“Weaponise your workforce!”  As 2018 approaches, it’s a call to arms increasingly heard as the key to keeping frontline staff empowered, happy and loyal. Particularly in Professional Services, where o[...]

Address Sales Pipeline Challenges with this Pipeline Snapshot Tool

By Donna Coxon | December 5, 2017
Does your pipeline offer clarity or questions? Fullscope's Pipeline Snapshot Solutionfor Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps Sales Leaders track and compare opportunity progress. It allows you to take a snap[...]

Are You Empowered by Your CRM?

By Donna Coxon | November 15, 2017
In the fourth blog from our blog series on the topic of How Professional Services Organisations can thrive in times of turmoil, we explore how a good customer relationship management solution will emp[...]

First Look at the Microsoft Dynamics 365 New Release –Advanced Find

By Donna Coxon | November 13, 2017
The new Dynamics 365 release (the July release) from Microsoft has enhanced the Advanced Find search functionality for this solution. The Advanced Find command in Dynamics 365 helps you find the recor[...]

Dynamics 365 - Field Service

By Donna Coxon | November 8, 2017
In the previous blog, Dynamics 365- Customer Service we discussed the capabilities of this solution and began with a scenario of how this app can be used by the customer service agent. Now, let's move[...]

Dynamics 365- Customer Service

By Donna Coxon | October 30, 2017
In our previous blog, Dynamics 365-Project Service Automation we explained that Project Service Automation was a Dynamics 365 application that enabled users to have an end-to-end solution from quote, [...]