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Diane Esposito

Diane Esposito

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4 Areas of Manufacturing that are Intelligently Impacted with IIoT

By Diane Esposito | August 10, 2017
Are you engaging your customers, empowering your employees, optimizing your operations and transforming your products so you can extend and evolve with IIoT? Your IIoT implementation needs to be flexi[...]

3 Benefits of IIoT for Manufacturing

By Diane Esposito | August 3, 2017
How's your market share? Are you delivering the new services offered by IIoT so you can create and compete with the new business models out there? Connect your operations and services so you can build[...]

How Manufacturers are Leveraging IoT Today

By Diane Esposito | July 26, 2017
Are you taking advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) and offering a comprehensive solution to your customers? Do you deliver connected products so you can offer maintenance and monitoring services[...]

Manufacturing Technology is Outpacing Process

By Diane Esposito | July 13, 2017
Remember when manufacturing and operations were linear? The customer had a role in sales and product positioning at the end of the manufacturing process, but by that time the product already left the [...]

Automatically Collect and Track Emails with Dynamics 365 Auto Capture

By Diane Esposito | June 6, 2017
The purpose of a system like Dynamics 365 is to collect, manage and analyze all of the diverse data and communications throughout the sales process. An email is an important part of that process, whic[...]

Innovative Partners Drive Transformative Solutions

By Diane Esposito | June 4, 2017
It's no secret that markets are developing at a rapid rate. Keeping up with technology innovations is paramount to good business. Are you looking for a partner that will help your company reach your b[...]

The Most Notable Changes When You Upgrade to D365

By Diane Esposito | February 16, 2017
Is your CRM environment getting upgraded to Dynamics 365 soon? We've put together a list of notable changes that you'll see post upgrade. Navigation