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A real-world look at digital transformation.

Amanda Tarasow

Amanda Tarasow
Amanda makes it her top priority to help customers grow and improve their businesses. How does she do it? By offering education! She offers an understanding of CRM technology and how it can be applied within an organization. Amanda believes in open communication and enjoys partnering with those who want to know more about technology.

Recent Posts

Top 4 Ways to Align Sales and Marketing Strategy with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing

By Amanda Tarasow | February 25, 2019
Aligning sales and marketing teams is a challenge as old as the corporate structure itself. For most companies, marketing’s job is to generate leads, and sales’ job is to turn those leads into clients[...]

Common Marketing Challenges Addressed by Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing - The Customer Journey

By Amanda Tarasow | October 18, 2018
The Customer Journey The mystery of the abandoned shopping cart. Even if your company doesn’t specifically have shopping carts for its goods or services, as a marketing professional, you are very fami[...]

Infographic: 3 Steps to Support Successful CRM Adoption

By Amanda Tarasow | September 19, 2018
Long term CRM success often has less to do with the technology you use or the money you spend, and more to do with how you think about CRM adoption. The good news is that even if you are in the middle[...]

3 Ways to Improve Your CRM Initiative

By Amanda Tarasow | January 3, 2018
New generation CRM systems are helping businesses both big and small succeed. However, many organizations aren't making the most of their CRM systems. Today's CRM solutions come with powerful features[...]

Insights for Manufacturers: The Movement Toward Employee Empowerment

By Amanda Tarasow | September 24, 2017
In this series, we will discuss why the empowerment of employees is beneficial to a successful digital transformation in the manufacturing industry.

How Service Firms can Start Improving Customer Experience

By Amanda Tarasow | June 26, 2017
Customer experience is key to success for services businesses.  Why? Because customer experience is the ultimate brand differentiator. So where do you begin your customer experience transformation? To[...]

Lifecycle Services (LCS) for Microsoft Dynamics AX Support Features

By Amanda Tarasow | October 6, 2015
The third, and final episode of Edgewater Fullscope's Lifecycle Service (LCS) podcast series takes a look at support features within LCS including the system diagnostic tool, issue search, cloud-power[...]