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Alison Parker

Alison Parker
Alison has a strong background in project management, giving her the ability to really understand her customer’s business. With over 20 years dedicated to customer success through technologies like CRM, she brings both technical and analytical skills to help customers structure their business objectives into actionable outcomes.

Recent Posts

Briggs Equipment Partners with Edgewater Fullscope - The Go To Partner for Equipment Dealers - for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation

By Alison Parker | August 28, 2018
When Briggs Equipment decided it was time to implement a CRM, they found Fullscope and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to be the obvious choice. Fullscope's experience with equipment dealers on the Microsoft D[...]

6 Existing Customer Additional Revenue Opportunities for Equipment Dealers

By Alison Parker | August 21, 2018
Additional revenue opportunities, is business that you didn’t get from a customer at the initial sale. After initial purchase, there are potentially multiple follow-on sales and cross-sell opportuniti[...]

Taking Customer Engagement to the Next Level with CRM + LinkedIn

By Alison Parker | June 5, 2018
How strong are the relationships you’ve built while prospecting and interacting with customers? Take a minute to think about the amount of time and effort that went into starting those relationships a[...]

4 Reasons Prospects Go Quiet

By Alison Parker | August 17, 2017
  Prospects and deals fall off the radar and then are forgotten. Yet, these prospects and deals are the most profitable. 80% of prospects who eventually buy were once marked as bad leads or disqualifi[...]