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Address Sales Pipeline Challenges with this Pipeline Snapshot Tool

By Donna Coxon | December 5, 2017

Does your pipeline offer clarity or questions? Fullscope's Pipeline Snapshot Solutionfor Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps Sales Leaders track and compare opportunity progress. It allows you to take a snapshot of time periods that you choose, whether it's weekly, monthly, or multiple time periods, and track and visualize data as it's moving across. You can capture who the customer is, sales stage, rating, owner, revenue, estimated close date, etc. And then you can start looking at comparisons week after week.

For example, if you are the sales manager in your company, and have been out on vacation, you can take a snapshot of the sales data when you return so that you can see what happened while you were out. It gives you better tools to arm sales professionals, sales managers, and even your VPs to be able to practice coaching. It drives better conversations with your team to improve sales ability.

Pipeline Snapshot Dashboard.png

  • For an amount of time that you define, a snapshot of the opportunity is taken that captures:

    • Customer
    • Opportunity Name
    • Revenue
    • Sales Stage
    • Close Date
    • Opportunity Status
    • Rating
    • Opportunity Owner
    • Snapshot Date
  • Comparison from the previous period can be visualized on how the pipeline has changed
  • Log critical changes to the pipeline and analyze as they occur
  • Gain insight into why the pipeline is evolving as it is
  • Examine detailed changes to estimated revenue, estimated close dates, and ratings

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Real-life example:

Problem: Your sales professionals are spending too much time in each stage of the sales cycle, and taking too much time to close each deal.

Solution: With Pipeline Snapshot, look at each salesperson by time. You may find one team member who takes less time in each stage, and less time to close. Talk to them and determine why. Does he/she have a better process? Does he/she offer a prepared document up front as opposed to later in the sales process? Determine what is working and what is not working. Learn from the snapshots and better train your team for faster close times.

Want see more on this tool and others that will help you better manage your sales pipeline and forecasting? Check out this Address Sales Pipeline and Forecast Accuracy Challenges with 3 Easy Tools eBook.

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Donna has an extensive track record as a functional software consultant, working with various CRM solutions since 1999. Having worked as a Technical Consultant, Business Analyst, Training Consultant, Project Manager and Professional Services Manager, Donna has a vast experience of software implementations across a wide range of industry sectors. Donna is a Solution Architect who enjoys showcasing how Dynamics 365 can help organizations grow.


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