4 Ways for Manufacturers to Improve Sales going Mobile

4 Ways for Manufacturers to Improve Sales going Mobile

Every Manufacturing Sales Team wants to spend more time interacting with Customers. For the Team, being more productive while they are on the road will help them increase their sales productivity, better responding to customer inquiries and provide more timely updates back to the organization. A recent Nucleus Research Report highlighted that adding mobility to CRM can increase sales productivity by 14.6%.

Here are 4 Ways to help the Sales Team be more productive while they are on the Road:

  1. Access to Account Data real time

    The Sales Team is always in need of customer knowledge. Whether they end up printing it out, writing it down or emailing a colleague, they will always need access to customer data while on the road. Allowing the Sales Team to be able to look up Account data (ie Account address, Contacts or Sales History) just before they walk into an Account will allow them to have more meaningful meetings and dialogs with their customers.

  2. Update or create new Opportunities

    Capturing key new opportunities or updating existing opportunities at the point of "interaction" or shortly after will allow for more up to date forecasts and more accurate capture of detailed information. Additionally, if a customer calls into the Inside Sales Team or Customer Service while the Sales Team is on the road, those interactions or new opportunities can also be more effectively followed up on during customer visits because the Sales Team can be notified and have the most recent opportunity data.

  3. Update and track Activities and Call Reports

    Capturing and completing Activities and Call Reports on the road will allow the Sales Team to capture more detail and they can do it once. Often times, Sales Teams are writing all the information down and then translating it that evening or "every Friday afternoon" before the Weekly Reports is due. Ultimately, it will make the Sales Team more productive and give the Sales Management Team more up to date Call Report information.

  4. Visualize where Customers are

    Giving the Sales Team the ability to see where Accounts are on a map, get driving directions or the ability to "stop in" at an Account that is close by if a meeting time changes will help them stay more productive while on the road.



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