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2019 Manufacturing Industry Trends: Predicting Growth

By Jennifer Alspach | January 30, 2019

We took a deep dive into the world of over 100 top manufacturing executives in an effort to gain insight into their core business challenges and goals for 2019. The 22-question survey produced a robust report of findings and takeaways that will help you stay on top of key trends in the industry and ensure that you aren't being left behind.

MFG Survey Report_Trends Q1

The U.S. economy was undeniably strong in 2018 and was a productive year for many manufacturing companies. It’s not surprising to see that almost 40% of manufacturers surveyed expect their growth rate to be the same as the predicted industry growth rate of 6.6%. These findings coincide with the Spring 2018 Semiannual Economic Forecast, who expected to see strong growth in the manufacturing sector.

On average, manufacturing executives forecasted 6.6% revenue growth for 2018, with an increase in production capacity of nearly 5% and an increase in capital expenditures of nearly 10%. However, finding and onboarding qualified labor and being able to pass on raw material price increases will ultimately define manufacturing revenues and profitability.

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