Tackling Inventory Dimensionality and Variability with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Tackling Inventory Dimensionality and Variability with Microsoft Dynamics 365

By Stephen Sanderson, Edgewater Fullscope

Building Products Dimensionality Picture

In the building materials industry, variation of materials is inevitable and unavoidable. In fact, it is essential to understand that many materials are inherently variable.

For example:

  • Steel properties vary depending on chemical composition and method of manufacture.
  • Concrete properties change depending on type and amount of cement, type of aggregate, air content, slump, method of curing, etc.
  • Windows and doors have multiple dimensions, colors, UV characteristics to name a few.
  • Wood and manufactured trim, flooring and siding have varying properties such as dimension, species, grain, color and so forth.

Some materials are more homogeneous than others, depending on the nature of the material and the method of manufacturing.

You don’t want to take a hit on your profitability because you’re having a hard time tracking inventory dimensionality and variability. The cost of not knowing this critical data has never been greater.

But how do you handle variability?

  • Do you create SKUs for every possible variability? Not possible, as this would be an unmanageable number of SKUs.
  • Do you assign a general SKU to everything and then guess the variability? Not going to work.
  • Do you let your guys on the floor figure it all out? Never going to be accurate.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations (formerly Microsoft Dynamics AX), can effectively manage materials (raw materials, in process, and finished goods) with variable dimensionality or attributes to improve production planning and reduce waste, as well as plan and track inventory at the dimension and/or attribute level. In fact, it runs over any browser and is device independent.

Break down the silos between your business processes and applications with Microsoft Dynamics 365—intelligent cloud applications that connect data across sources, drive intelligent decisions and outcomes, and transform your building materials or industrial equipment manufacturing company from end to end.

Learn more about tackling inventory dimensionality and variability, improve profitability, and enhance customer service in our on-demand webcast: Building Materials Industry: Solving the Dilemma of Tracking Inventory Dimensionality and Variability

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