Food Lot Traceability: The REAL (And Devastating) Costs of Not Investing in Modern ERP System

Food Lot Traceability: The REAL (And Devastating) Costs of Not Investing in Modern ERP System


In any manufacturing organization, there are business issues that can keep people up at night. Issues you face day in and day out. Food safety issues that appear in the news have a large impact on organizations and even devastating consequences.

In the food manufacturing industry, a top business issues is product recalls. Recalls are a high cost subject that can deeply affect your business in the future - from operational costs, public relations and branding, and many other organizational matters. How can you plan for and deal effectively with product recalls, both in real situations and in mock ones?

Full lot traceability  functionality is a key aspect to look at when evaluating ERP software. Most manufacturing businesses have traceability in some shape or another, but typically the process is not complete from start to finish. The objective is to invest in an ERP software solution that enables companies to have a fully automated traceability plan for every stage of the production process-from farm to fork and everything in between. This automation allows manufacturers to recall at any stage in the production. The quality of the raw materials, the location of the finished goods, the different customers who have received the products, and being able to manage FDA Regulations and Global Food Safety Initiatives, can all be tracked and integrated by a modern ERP system.

These systems provide:

  • Lot Traceability – You know where every raw material that went into every product came from, and every customer that received that product. This can actually speed up the recall process.
  • Customer Tracking – You can see how customer deals affect margins, as well as track promotion effectiveness.
  • Package Tracking – From lot numbers to converting units of measurement.
  • Sample Process – Tracking the product from the lab to the production floor.
  • Compliance – Assisting you with compliance for FDA Regulations, Global Food Safety Initiatives, and Food Safety Modernization Act.

Protecting the health of your customer, protecting your brand in the marketplace, and protecting your costs and margins can all be improved with a comprehensive ERP solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations that provides full traceability in food manufacturing.

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