EDGE for AX Quick Results Entry

EDGE for AX Quick Results Entry

Insights from: Fullscope Product Development Team

Entering test results for all tests included on a Quality order can be a cumbersome and time-consuming task. The Quick Results Entry feature developed by the Fullscope Product Development Team has drastically enhanced the user interface to allow for entering test results for a quality order. The new Quick Results Entry option on the Quality order presents the data for all tests consolidated on one form. The default quantities are based on the Quality order quantity and informational details about minimum, maximum and target values for each test on the Quality order.

Using Quick Result Entry

The Quick Results Entry ribbon option can be selected from the quality order header.


The standard Results form, accessible from the results ribbon option, can also be used to enter Quality order test results. The screenshots below show the difference between the two forms.

On the top is the standard Results form. It is just for one test and does not include information related to Standard, Minimum and Maximum values for the test. The Result quantity needs to be entered for every row on this form.

On the bottom is the Quick Results Entry form. It has consolidated all of the tests on one form, and it includes visibility to the Standard, Minimum and Maximum test ranges for informational purposes. The Result quantity (or the Result CW quantity if the item is a Catch Weight item) is defaulted from the quality order quantity. The test results can quickly be entered in the test result column for the entire Quality order without ever leaving the form.



The Quick Results Entry form supports four different ribbon actions. The New and the Delete options allow the Quality order quantity to be separated out and results entered for different quantities. For example, if the Quality order quantity is 5, using the ‘New’ action, a total of five lines can be entered for that test and a different test result can be entered for each quantity. The sum of the quantities for each test must still equal the total quantity of the quality order. The Validate ribbon action performs the required validation for the selected line and determines if the line is a pass or a fail. The Split ribbon option provides the ability to take the selected line and split it into multiple lines.

QRE3There are two Split options provided. The Single line split option will take the selected line and create two lines where the sum of the quantities matches the total quantity on the selected line. For example, if the line quantity was 8 and a Split quantity of 3 is entered, the result will be two lines, one with quantity of 3 and one with a quantity of 5. Different test results can then be entered for both lines.

QRE4The second Split option is a Multiple lines split. This can be used to quickly create rows with the same test quantity. The Result quantity per line needs to be entered. The system then will determine the Total number of results lines based on the result quantity per line. For example, if the current line has a quantity of 8 and the Result quantity per line entered is 2, the system will automatically create 4 lines instead of one, each with a quantity of 2. If the number is not even, the system will do as many rows as possible with the residual in the last row. For example, if the current line has a quantity of 8 and the Result quantity per line entered is 3, the system will create 3 result lines, two lines with the quantity of 3 and a third line with the residual quantity of 2 for a total quantity of 8. Note: If the item is a CW item, CW quantity fields open up on the split form to enter instead of the standard quantity fields.

The EDGE Quick Results Entry enhancement can be purchased as a part of the EDGE enhancement package from Fullscope. In addition to Quick Results Entry, the EDGE package contains the following enhancements:

• Electronic Signature Extension
• Electronic Batch Record
• Approved Customer List
• Flexible Sampling
• Instrument Calibration
• Customer-Specific COA
• Quality Associations for Transfer Orders and Return Orders
• Production Dispensing

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