Lifecycle Services (LCS) for Microsoft Dynamics AX Support Features

Lifecycle Services (LCS) for Microsoft Dynamics AX Support Features

October Blog Series: Saving Time & Energy

Insights From: Doug Payton (Fullscope Technical Consultant) and Sharlee Cobb (Fullscope Senior Project Manager)

The third, and final episode of Edgewater Fullscope's Lifecycle Service (LCS) podcast series takes a look at support features within LCS including the system diagnostic tool, issue search, cloud-powered support and virtual machines. Take a listen to the FullFocus episode below.


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Show Notes:

1:10 How does the system diagnostic feature of LCS help with detecting performance issues?

The system diagnostic feature collects statistics from the system and runs your environment against a set of rules. From this, it generates a report detailing errors that are found and problems that need to be investigated.

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2:53 Do customers use the system diagnostic tool more often on a live system?

Most customers use it more heavily on a test system close to go live and after go live.

3:42 What is available in the issue search?

Issue search allows you to look up reported issues that Microsoft and other customers have submitted, and if there is a hotfix available for a reported issue, you can download it straight from issue search.

On top of that, issue search provides information on Political Action Committees (PACs) for companies operating foreign subsidiaries as well as up-to-date information for regulated industries.

You can look up information in multiple ways, including: keyword search, knowledge base number or the Application Object Tree (AOT) object.​

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5:43 What does cloud-powered support provide?

Cloud-powered support allows Microsoft to more accurately reproduce issues on your system via a virtual machine (VM), which provides a snapshot of any issues that exist in your system. The VM does not take any proprietary data. Microsoft only takes information related to the software.​​

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