What is Lifecycle Services (LCS) for Dynamics AX?

What is Lifecycle Services (LCS) for Dynamics AX?

July Blog Series: Hot Topics

Insights From: Doug Payton (Fullscope Technical Consultant) and Sharlee Cobb (Fullscope Senior Project Manager)

Lifecycle Services (LCS) for Microsoft Dynamics AX offers many features to customers and partners working within it – from evaluating code to transitioning an implementation project and much more. Take a listen to the FullFocus episode below, which is the first LCS podcast in our series.​

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Show Notes:

1:30 What is Lifecycle Services?

It's a cloud-based collaborative work space provided by Microsoft to customers and partners and is used to manage Microsoft Dynamics AX projects.

2:09 Who is the target audience for LCS?

Whether the user is in a technical or functional position, the LCS tool set provides capabilities suitable for the users role.

2:37 What project management tools are included?

LCS offers the ability to upload the EDGE methodology, which provides immediate access to any artifacts being used.

4:19 Is LCS a tool that can truly manage everybody?

It is one of the easiest ways to have a seamless transition between our pre-sales group and our implementation group.

5:15 What are the licensing and sizing tools provided in LCS?

The license sizing estimator allows you to determine the licensing requirements for the various job roles working on the project.

6:04 What does LCS provide to help developers get their job done?

It doesn't do the job for you, but it will evaluate your code and provide feedback on what might need to be reviewed or corrected.

6:56 What happens in LCS once you go-live?

One of the most significant features is the diagnostic tool, which allows you to look at system and performance problems. This is typically run every day, along w​ith the performance evaluation, and some users may be interested in running the test and production systems on a daily basis.​

Another helpful tool, for users in the middle of an ongoing implementation, is the upgrade diagnostic, which indicates what areas may encounter issues during the upgrade process.

Stay tuned for the second episode in our LCS podcast series, and if you're a manufacturer interested in learning more about Life Cycle Services (LCS) or Microsoft Dynamics AX, contact our experts today.

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