Catch Weight Functionality Extended for Dynamics AX R3

Catch Weight Functionality Extended for Dynamics AX R3

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Insights From: Reddy Beeram (Fullscope Director of Product Development)

Our recent press release announced our new software that extends the catch weight functionality to the advanced warehouse management and transportation management modules released with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3. What does this mean for manufacturers?

First off, a catch weight item is tracked by two different measurements, for example: weight and packages, volume and containers, size and pieces, and is used to view inventory balances and report inventory transactions by those measurements. The accuracy of catch weight is an important factor for manufacturers dealing with products that vary in volume, weight or size as the quantity of an item in different packages may vary and can impact production formulations, availability calculations, invoicing and shipping costs.

Manufacturers in this space expressed a need to extend the robust out-of-the-box Warehouse Management System (WMS) module and Transportation Management Module (TMS) features introduced in Dynamics AX 2012 R3.

Fullscope addressed this need with its recent software release– extending the functionality and ability to better manage catch weight items. "This is another example of Fullscope's ability to build intellectual property that extends the functionality of the core Microsoft Dynamics AX product," said Reddy Beeram, director of product development for Edgewater Fullscope. "In this instance, we have enabled advanced warehouse management and transportation management capabilities to enable manufacturers, dealing with variability both in raw materials and finished goods, to avoid lost revenue from inaccurate billing."

If you're a manufacturer that uses catch weight items and would like more information on this software or Microsoft Dynamics AX, contact our experts today.

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