Fines, Recalls and Risk – Oh My! The Case for Food Traceability

Fines, Recalls and Risk – Oh My! The Case for Food Traceability

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Insights From: Traci Didonna (Fullscope Product Architect), Recall: The Food Industry's Biggest Threat to Profitability,FoodDive Traceability Playbook

Is your manufacturing business facing huge fines, a tarnished brand and wary consumers because your food traceability system wasn't up to the job? According to Recall: The Food Industry's Biggest Threat to Profitability, "The average cost of a recall to a food company is $10M USD in direct costs, in addition to brand damage and lost sales..." But the cost of a recall isn't just measured in dollars. It's also measured in the number of consumer's lives impacted by foodborne illness and the response time of a manufacturer.

Whether it's a monetary, health or time-based risk, minimize each with an agile traceability system. It can streamline processes and improve operations, all while helping manufacturers remain compliant.

"By taking a modern approach and making traceability part of the ERP system, fully integrated across the company, you will see what's happening." Making operational connections from farm to fork and beyond provides manufacturers with insights into shipment data, system inefficiencies, consumer feedback and a product's lifecycle. Each of these factors are vital considerations for because, "the very nature of the food industry—where contamination can bring death—requires it."

FoodDive Traceability Playbook

By integrating traceability into the core business processes across the company, the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP food traceability feature addresses many manufacturing executive concerns. From quick response time to truly reliable and trustworthy data to an interface readily adopted by users –manufacturers gain essential operational visibility. And in the world of modern manufacturing, these features can spell the difference between a recall disaster and catching an issue before it affects your bottom line and consumer trust.

Food and beverage manufacturing executives work in a competitive landscape with many regulatory and compliance concerns. Stay on top of your product's manufacturing journey by harnessing Microsoft Dynamics AX, and access the actionable data needed to make business decisions. Fullscope has first-hand, in-depth knowledge of this critical food traceability tool. Contact one of our experts for more information.

Check out our customer video from, Reily Foods, which highlights Dynamics AX's ability to conduct a mock recall in under an hour without IT support help:


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