Believe It: Dynamics CRM Online Just Got Even Easier to Use with Carina Release

Believe It: Dynamics CRM Online Just Got Even Easier to Use with Carina Release

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Insights From: Art Small (Fullscope Solution Architect)

The spring release of Carina for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 is here, and its new features will help make the daily roles of manufacturing sales, marketing and service people easier by providing more control over account activities, records, organization and collaboration. Let's take a closer look at the new features for each role:

Top Features for Manufacturing Sales Professionals:

Improved Excel Integration

Imagine Excel at your fingertips! That's exactly what you'll get with Excel Online within CRM. It lets you make quick changes to Excel and save those changes within CRM—helping manufacturing sales reps and their managers update the data in records through Excel.

Enhanced Mobile Experience​

Using a smartphone or mobile device?  You are now one step closer to the equivalent CRM experience of a tablet--making for a more consistent interface across devices. The update makes it easier for you to find information, access dashboards and create records while offline. For manufacturers, this means that sales professionals working with orders out in the field will now have more control over their mobile CRM experience.

Pinned Records​

You can now pin records to the top of the list, so your frequently accessed or favorite records will no longer drop off the list.

OneNote Online Integration​

Keep track of it all with the embedded OneNote application, and you can rest assured that this data is accessible through CRM. Manufacturing professionals on the go can now harness OneNote to capture notes, photos, voice memos and website pages.

Top Features for Manufacturing Professionals in Sales and Customer Service:

Outlook Folder Level Email Tracking ​

Take email to the next level with Outlook Folder Level Email Tracking. The new feature helps you organize and track incoming emails in Outlook based on folders. Simply drag and drop individual emails into folders assigned to Accounts or Opportunities, or set up rules for particular contacts and Dynamics CRM will automatically track the folders. Whether you're operating on a desktop computer, tablet or mobile device, the streamlined process is designed to help you keep tabs on customer interactions. 

Top Features for All Manufacturing Professional Roles:  

Customizable Themes​

Do you want to personalize the look and feel of your CRM? The new theme builder puts the power of customizable themes and branding in your hands. From custom colors to logos, CRM now goes beyond the standard look and feel to meet each manufacturer's desired taste and preferences.

New Navigation Capabilities​

The new interface makes it easier to navigate between menus with a stack-focused layout. This provides you with menus and sub-menus, and eliminates much of the scrolling previously needed to navigate between areas.

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