Working with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Usage Data

Working with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Usage Data

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Insights From: Doug Payton (Fullscope Technical Consultant)

Usage data is the information Microsoft Dynamics AX stores to track changes a user makes to the user interface. This includes: hiding a field or the parameters a report used.  Usage data is captured for every object that has a user interaction. This includes: forms, reports and classes that run dialogs.

When a user makes selections in Dynamics AX on reports, forms and queries, the values are saved in the usage data table for each user to retrieve the next time the object is selected. This is a nice feature because, often, a user will desire access to the same data. This allows for a better user experience.

Usage data can be found by clicking on File > Tools > Options.

The General tab provides a summary of what the usage data is and what the form does.

"When you use the application, many of your selections are saved so that you can use the system more easily next time.

The selections that are saved are specific for you as a user and have no effect on the way the system works.

You can see which selections have been saved on the following tabs."

Click the Reset button to delete all usage data for the user. Occasionally, this feature is needed to clear up an issue. For instance, finding out why one form or report works for one user but doesn't work for another. A user may have hidden information or set up report selections that prevent things from operating as expected.

Each tab also describes the kind of usage data being shown.

The last tab shows all of the usage data for the user.

Selecting all of the records and deleting each one is the same as hitting the Reset button on the General tab.

The Data menu item will show the particular data for the usage record. It can be used to determine which record of usage data to delete individually. Typically though, the information is form-specific and may not be very useful.

When developing a new RunBase-framework form, (during the development cycle) the values stored in the saved valuesmay change (accessed via the pack() and unpack() methods). A new value may be added or removed from those being packed/unpacked. If this is the case after making that change, delete the old saved values, which are stored in usage data.

How to delete the old saved values stored in usage data for a specific form:

  • Go to the All usage data tab on this form,
  • Turn on Filter by Grid (Ctrl-G), and
  • Search for the form name in the first "Element name" column.

(Unfortunately, there are two columns with the 'Element name' heading on this form. The second is a description that may not actually have a value.) This will show usage data of any kind for the form, and it's best to delete all of it because development changes may make some data obsolete or prevent the changed form from running properly.

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