Stay Connected with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Stay Connected with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

March Blog Series: Connectivity

Insights from: Art Small (Fullscope CRM Solutions Consultant)​

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online connects manufacturers with SharePoint, Office365, Power BI and More.

The recent CIO article 8 Enterprise Software Predictions for 2015 by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff predicts that the increasingly mobile workforce will require enterprise CRM solutions that suit its on-the-go needs. 

Manufacturing workers looking to stay connected outside the office can harness the mobile addition of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 software solution at no additional cost to their current Dynamics CRM package. The CRM application is available on phones and tablet devices, which helps make staying connected easier. When setting up the app, the user need only input his or her company’s Dynamics CRM web address on the Get Started screen to gain access to CRM records.

Benefits Mobile Microsoft Dynamics CRM Offers Manufacturers:

Offline capabilities: Users on-the-go can access their recently cached data from their computers, tablets or mobile devices.

Mobile interface: The app’s design is geared toward the mobile user and is streamlined to help make content easy to consume.

Direct Calling Features: The mobile app can initiate phone calls directly so that the user doesn’t need to maintain separate contacts.

Pin to Home: This feature allows mobile users to move information directly to the pinned tiles section for quick access to phone or email contact info.

Attach photos: The mobile worker can attach photos taken at a job site directly to CRM.

Note Taking: This feature helps make taking notes in CRM easier and eliminates the need to re-input information.

Collaboration: Mobile users can exchange tasks and activities with one another and have the ability to continue working with the same Dynamics CRM records as on their desktop devices.

Native integration with Yammer app: This app component allows users to exchange conversations with other CRM users as well as with individuals within the organization who only have access to Yammer.

Multiple Dashboards: The CRM 2015 has added the ability to access multiple dashboards.

Customer Service Cases: Manufacturers have the ability to create a new customer service case from incoming emails.

Fluid Forms: This app feature allows the user to adjust page displays to the form factor of the device.

Multi-factor Authentication: The Dynamics CRM for Outlook Configuration Wizard provides system administrators with more secure authentication capabilities using the OAuth 2.0 Framework.

Fullscope has experience with a range of Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementations including end user support for the mobile app. Contact Fullscope for assistance in setting up the mobile interface and any other Dynamics CRM solution need.


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