Don't Get your Feathers Ruffled: Microsoft Dynamics AX Helps Poultry Manufacturers

Don't Get your Feathers Ruffled: Microsoft Dynamics AX Helps Poultry Manufacturers

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According to the recent article 'What's ahead for US chicken industry production, profitability?' by Bill Roenigk of WATT Poultry USA, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) current outlook for the poultry industry indicates a potential 3 percent increase in 2015 for chicken production.  Manufacturers in this space need to ensure that their processes work together to meet the rising demands, and that highlights the need for a solution that can respond to the growth and change in the industry. The poultry processing and manufacturing business requires a food ERP software that can meet FDA quality and compliance standards, respond to push supply and pull demand and track yields to minimize by-products that result from the production process.

The article also touched on a few current changes making waves in the industry, which include the rise in mergers and acquisitions, a better understanding of poultry husbandry and an increased interest from outside groups involving chicken companies and the consumers that buy the products.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP can help address merger and acquisition concerns by eliminating disparate systems and unifying merging companies' information into one food ERP software solution. This puts all of the data records in one place and could help eliminate some headaches that disparate systems cause.

Staying Compliant

As outside groups' interest into the practices of the poultry industry rises and the understanding of chickens grows, so does the need for a software system that helps poultry manufacturers meet FDA quality and compliance standards. As outlined in the Fullscope fact sheet 'Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for Meat, Pork & Poultry' a food ERP software like Dynamics AX helps reduce compliance risks with tools like non-refutable electronic signatures, audit trails, lot tracking, calibrations management, and time-outs to help pass U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) audits for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.


Dealing with a recall can be frustrating and time consuming, and manufacturers in the poultry industry need a process manufacturing software that can respond effectively.

The following Integrated QC Capabilities are provided within AX:

Implement effective recall procedures with complete forward and backward traceability.

Manage quarantined products throughout the QC process and track their release from quarantine.

Track QC testing—including QC passes, fails, quarantines and releases, and downgrades—as part of inventory status.

Fullscope has experience successfully implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP​ for poultry manufacturers. Contact Fullscope today to see how your company can harness the power of this ERP software solution.​

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