The eBanking Suite for Microsoft Dynamics AX

The eBanking Suite for Microsoft Dynamics AX

February Blog Series: Tools We L​ove

Insights from: Aynsley Keller (Marketing Director at SK Global Software, LLC)

Edgewater Fullscope is pleased to announce the fifth blog post in our monthly partner blog series. This week's post features an article from Aynsley Keller, marketing director at SK Global Software, LLC, which specializes in global treasury automation and has over 1,300 organizations using its eBanking Suite for Microsoft Dynamics.

The eBanking Suite for Microsoft Dynamics AX is built by a popular ISV, SK Global Software (formerly Sandler-Kahne Software), who has been active in the Microsoft Dynamics channel for over 20 years.

Let's jump right into what The eBanking Suite is and introduce the features of the product.

What we have here … is a suite of five modules that fully automate your everyday banking processes. Large enterprises require a more sophisticated approach to banking automation and treasury management like multi-currency, multi-company, multi-country, EFT, Lockbox, or advanced settlement and treasury bookings, SK Global provides high return on investment solutions written specifically for the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform.

While out of the box, Microsoft Dynamics AX offers some banking automation features, users often are faced with a limited set of features that they must further develop, requiring a solid knowledge a banking procedures, format requirements and more.

Think of the eBanking Suite is a solution, not just a framework. The complexity of banking automation has been taken care by the SK Global solution and organizations can get right to the implementation and training of their staff to take full advantage of what is offered. SK Global customers enjoy the fact that the screens look and feel as though they're part of the original Dynamics AX platform.

Features SK Global customers love most: 

Positive Pay – formats are free (that's right, SK Global provides your bank's format at no charge)! Seamless automated transmission of the file to your bank.

Electronic Bank Reconciliation – cross company/bank account view into all your bank statements. Ease of processing multiple bank accounts in a bank statement file. Matching and mapping rules can be configured to virtually fully automate the reconciliation process.

AR eSettlement w/Lockbox – a full stack of format support – out-of-the-box.

AP Electronic Funds Transfer Plus! – one button processing – full automation from file creation, transmission to your bank, return file processing, journal updating and posting, email remittance advices – very powerful and very cool!

AR Electronic Funds Transfer Plus! – email advanced notification – reminding your customers of the upcoming debit.

Learn more today. Data sheets and demo videos are also available at

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