Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP for Building Product Manufacturers

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP for Building Product Manufacturers

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Insights from: The Top Challenges Facing Manufacturers in Construction-driven Markets: How to Meet Them Head On   

Building product manufacturers produce a wide range of materials including architectural and structural metals, plastic resin and synthetic fibers, cement and concrete, wood products, HVAC equipment, switch, connector and other wiring devices, paint and coatings and lighting equipment. With such a broad span of manufacturing industries, each one can face an array of very different operational challenges.

A recent Fullscope white paper notes the Associated General Contractors (ACG) of America suggests "total construction spending will increase 6 percent to 10 percent per year from 2014 through 2017." It is crucial for manufacturers in this sector to remain forward-looking and harness the appropriate ERP building products manufacturing software to handle the growth and change in this industry that spans so many manufacturing sectors.

One common business challenge for construction-driven manufacturers is new technology adoption, which directly correlates to research performed by these companies in the search for ERP building products manufacturing software that can help meet various regulatory concerns.

A key part of the technology adoption process should involve user adoption, and users like familiar products. Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise resource planning (ERP) software offers a familiar user experience for those already familiar with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Importantly, Dynamics AX goes further and provides a   "role-tailored user interface that can help drive productivity and business insight through the software's ability to easily represent and change business processes."

The underlying Microsoft technology and solutions are ideal for both discrete and process manufacturers and can help meet compliance standards and overall customer needs. Dynamics AX specifically can help streamline processes while minimizing costs associated with "carrying inventory for firms that produce raw materials."

Support Enterprise Goals:

  • Use the flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics AX to support a mix of process, discrete and lean manufacturing models in a single solution. This includes the ability to handle BOMs as well as formulas or recipes, as well as other nuances related to different operational processes. The mixed-mode capability also allows implementation of lean manufacturing practices in the way best suited for your company.
  • Take advantage of an operations resource model to efficiently use resources at multiple locations. Schedule resources (vendors, people, machines, tools, or locations) to jobs and operations based on their capabilities (ability to perform a specific, production-related activity). A scheduling engine handles resource selection.
  • Model and execute lean manufacturing on production flows to reduce delivery lead times, trim excess inventory between work centers, treat contractor labor as a service (not a BOM component) and support continuous improvement by using Kanban boards, events  and  rules to view, plan and run Kanban jobs.
  • Use the constraint-based Product Configurator to efficiently create, maintain and reuse product models, components and attributes.

Contact the experts at Fullscope to find out more about how Microsoft ERP building products manufacturing software may be suitable for your company.



Boa-Franc Turns to Fullscope for Microsoft Dynamics AX & Dynamics CRM


Boa-Franc is the North American leader in the manufacturing of superior quality pre-finished hardwood floors. For its ERP software and CRM software requirements, the company turned to Edgewater Fullscope to implement Microsoft Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM.


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