How to Use Your ERP to Jump Start 2015 Business Growth

How to Use Your ERP to Jump Start 2015 Business Growth

January Blog Series: New & Best Practices

Insights from: Avalara 

 This week's post is a special addition featuring our partner Avalara, who offers end-to-end sales tax compliance software, all in the cloud. Avalara helps provide fast, easy, accurate, affordable and reliable rate calculation, certificate management and filing.​​

ERP systems offer incredible visibility and control into your business processes, ensuring better compliance across operations. But tax compliance, whether it sales tax calculations, exemption certificate management, or collection and reporting tax, is a daunting process, even when handled within your ERP.  However, automating sales tax calculations and streamlining compliance within the ERP​ can give you a competitive advantage.

Automate sales tax compliance within your ERP and never waste time manually calculating sales tax again. This free whitepaper, "Compliance in the ERP" explains how you can leverage your existing ERP​ system to:

  • Automate rate table updates for current, accurate tax rates and stop manually calculating rates based on ZIP codes
  • Lower time and cost to manage transactional tax compliance by streamlining and automating reporting, filing, and calculations.
  • Reduce error, ensure compliance, and lower audit exposure by increasing accuracy when it comes to sales tax rates rules and boundaries.
  • Automatically file and remit to the proper jurisdictions by utilizing up-to-date rules changes.

Compliance is about mitigating risk, ensuring accuracy, and automating an error prone and time consuming process. Learn about the tax considerations that are important to think about as your business continues to grow. Download this whitepaper to help you start off 2015 on the right track.

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